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Take an Active Role in Your Rescue

This is an excerpt from a piece I've been writing about my fears and anxieties leading up to my departure...

Take an active role in your rescue.

It’s tradition that, before our week at Montreat College’s Presbyterian Youth Conference, we spend the morning white water rafting. The past two years, we’ve gone to the Nantahala Nature Center and taken guided tours on the Nantahala River in North Carolina. While meant as a team-building exercise, this last trip was deceptively intellectually effecting. Particularly, I’m surprised at the lasting impression left by the pre-rafting safety video. Throughout the video, the narrator repeated the phrase “take an active role in your rescue.” I could not have anticipated the frequency with which this phrase resurfaced in my thoughts throughout the following week of faith exploration and doubt.

One of the ways that you might “take an active role” in regaining your position on the raft would be to simply float on your back and paddle toward it. It’…

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