New Orleans Bucket List and Fundraising Update

Hello folks! Happy Monday. I'll admit, I'm not prepared to make this NOLA bucket list; I figure it will grow as I check items off, anyway. I'll detail my immediate 10 destination/event goals and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment with any other ideas! I'd love some New Orleans and related area suggestions.

1. Bakery Bar (anytime)

2. French Quarter Fest (April 6-9)

3. Nathaniel Rateliff concert (April 28th, SugarMill)

4. Graduate! (May 13th)

5. Friday Night at New Orleans Museum of Art (May 19th)

6. "Boat Race" (4th of July, Bayou St. John)

7. Free movies at the Orpheum (Summer!)

8. Parkway Po'boys (anytime)

9. Running of the Bulls (July 9th)

10. White Linen/Dirty Linen Night (August, Warehouse District)

I look forward to these things, and many more, in the coming months. In the fundraising department, I've already received some love in the form of monetary donations from, none other than, my sorority sisters in Theta Phi Alpha. I'm so touched to be honored by their heartfelt contributions and, though I don't mention their names here, they know how grateful I am for their help and for their spirit for service.

I've also been blessed by family members through donations. Before I've left or even started a packing list, I've been humbled by this pre-trip experience. It's amazing to recognize those in my life who either care deeply about me or simply care about making the world closer in Christ through the Spirit. It's also awesome how I have been inspired to contribute monetarily to others' causes, despite being a "college student," or any of my other regular excuses (yes, I have them, too).

On a completely different *note,* I've been listening to music on the way home from student teaching that puts me in a summer mood. Check out the blog next week for a warm-weather driving playlist to bring the vacation to YOU!

Peace and Grace,


  1. I cannot wait until Running of the Bulls!!!

    1. Is this a real thing? Is "bulls" a pseudonym for something else? Did I use the word pseudonym in the right context?

  2. How about "spring break trip home so Django can meet the family"? April something

    1. Mom! You're embarrassing me... ;) Pseudonym is correct; "bulls" are the roller derby girls. Running of the bulls in NOLA is a roller derby event.


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