After School Playlist, Fundraising Update, and Possible Placement (?)

Happy Tuesday! I anticipated posting late more often than not, but not this early in the game! I apologize for my inconsistency. As promised, though a day late, here's that after school playlist that puts me in a summertime mood:

1. Take It Easy... The Eagles
2. The Way I Tend To Be... Frank Turner
3. Drive-In Movies... Ray LaMontagne
4. Summer Friends... Chance the Rapper
5. Jerico... John Fullbright
6. Agape... Bear's Den
7. Bros... Wolf Alice
8. Fat Man in the Bathtub... Little Feat
9. Michigan... Leif Vollebekk
10. Tupelo Honey... Van Morrison

I believe these songs will appeal to a variety of age groups, music tastes, and summer-vibe-preferences. For example, if you're feeling the summer-slows after a long day, you might like numbers 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, and 10. If you're ready for a long summer drive to the beach or the mountains, 1, 5, 8 and 10 might be more your style. Getting ready for a hot summer night, dancing and hanging out with your buds? Definitely check out 4 and 7. The possibilities are endless!

Fundraising is going well, and I already have over 1/5 (!!!) of what I need to raise donated by family, friends, and church members. So many thank you's to those who have donated to my mission trip and to those who have mentioned me in their prayers. I am not exaggerating when I say that I physically feel the love and support from my community and am excited to pass on that love and support when I arrive in the Philippines in August.

If you're interested in donating and haven't already, please follow this link and donate to "Caitlin Vanderwolf," with the number E210505. Please consider contributing to this awesome opportunity to positively represent the United States in a foreign country.

I've gotten word that I might be serving as a teaching assistant on the island of Leyte in the southern part of the Philippines. I've changed the title picture of the blog to a photo of one of Leyte's beaches. To check out Leyte on a map of the Philippines, click here. I'm very excited to learn that this is where I may be, come September, but recognize also that nothing is certain. Stay tuned to hear more about placement, fundraising, and lists of all different sorts, next time!

Peace and Grace,


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