Easter Break Bests

Happy belated spring break and Easter holiday to all my readers! I hope your holiday/break/not-break/last week went well. Here's an update on what I did over my long Easter holiday; I drove over 1,500 miles to and from Florida,

Where I spent time with my loved ones in Disney's Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Disney Springs!

We also went to the beach and celebrated Easter with a chicken-fried-rice family dinner! I am so blessed to have been able to spend the holiday in proximity to those closest to me. I believe Easter is all about restored and revived relationships, therefore, it's certainly fitting that I was able to reconnect with family that I hadn't seen since Christmas.

Luckily, it won't be long until I see mom and dad again--and others too! Many of my family members are joining me in New Orleans for my graduation from Loyola in a few short weeks.

I cannot wait to share this city with my grandmother and aunt, who have never been here before! I anticipate another week of good food, great company, lots of walking, and going to bed exhausted and happy.

If I have any bad news to share, it is that I am finished with student teaching in just about as much time, and will miss the experience and the people. As my advisors said, this semester has gone entirely too fast. I am also on the verge of obtaining alumni status as a member of Theta Phi Alpha sorority, and there are many sad and necessary rituals which go along with being old and leaving. It just didn't occur to me that I'd ever be crossing over to the other side of the stage, literally and figuratively.

But that's what life is about! Moving and growing and saying

Goodbye (for now),


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