Call for Fundraising!

Good evening and happy Monday, everybody! This blog post is just how it sounds; it's a call for funds! Thanks to your generous donations, I've raised about $1, 500, nearly 1/5th of the $5, 000 goal. That means we've made great progress in working towards the Philippines, but that we also have a long way to go. Without your support, both emotional and financial, myself and the cohort of Young Adult Volunteers who are headed to the Philippines cannot carry out our work and God's work in just a few short months.

If you're like me and have postponed giving until a later time, perhaps that later time is now! I've started to receive regular updates of who has donated to my YAV account and can send thank-you notes in real time, which is very important to me and should give y'all piece of mind. If you're uncomfortable donating directly to my account, I also need and appreciate prayers and other forms of support. Ultimately, I could not be more grateful for this opportunity and anything that you feel you can contribute is a gift and a blessing.

Here's the link to my account, which can also be found permanently at the "Support Caitlin" tab on this blog's homepage.

In other news, I graduated on Saturday!!!! AH! Here's dad, mom, and me, sporting my cap and gown.

So this is the "real world..."

Peace and Grace,


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