Philippines Preparation and a Must-Watch List

Now that school is over and my summer has begun, I've spent my free time preparing for the journey ahead! Preparation has manifested in various ways, from learning to work out at home--I'm still figuring that part out--to reading and watching youtube videos about Filipino culture, food, and travel spots. I'm beginning to orient myself among the country's 7,000 islands, catching the common names of traditional snack foods and fast food joints, vacation destinations, and modes of transportation, among other things.

Purple yam and cheese ice cream on a hamburger bun, "The best of the Philippines"

In learning about the country that I will spend 10 months, I'm getting really, REALLY excited! There are things I want to try--purple yam and cheese ice cream on a hamburger bun?! There are whale sharks and sea turtles I need to meet! Perhaps most importantly, all the videos I've watched have described Filipino people to be the happiest and kindest in the world. Certainly, there are lessons to be learned from a people who are consistently portrayed as saintly and satisfied. Already, I'm learning more than teaching, and I assume that pattern will only continue once I reach Leyte.

In an effort to teach my family and friends about the wonders of the place I will be living, I leave below a list of some of the better youtube videos I watched this week about the Philippines. Mostly, I found information about vacation destinations and Filipino food. I know that these two topics do not make the whole country, nor are they the most important aspects. I plan to learn more about the country's history from books I will purchase and read this summer. My first trip to Barnes and Noble is today!

For those of you who said "YES! Another list!" and skipped that paragraph to find it, here it be:
1. Top 10 Travel:
2. Southern Leyte Travel (voiced by Miss Southern Leyte!):
4. How to Travel:
5. Anthony Bourdain does Jollibee:
6. Anthony Bourdain does Jollibee AGAIN:
7. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART Andrew Zimmerman's Bizarre Foods:

Jeepney! And I heard they are themed... 

Also, this week I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 19, or whichever is the newest one in theaters now, and let me tell ya, it's QUICK! You'll see.

Peace and Grace,


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